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Cheap Hialeah, Florida Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters

Accordion shutters

Accordion shutters provide immeasurable value to your property, and their worth cannot be calculated in terms of money alone. This said, there’s no reason why accordion shutters for your Hialeah property should be expensive. You can get them cheap and of extremely good quality at our stores.

We have in our database chosen and carefully vetted accordion shutter manufacturers that are insured and licensed to install hurricane shutters in Hialeah. Get the best prices on these shutters via a simple input of parameters.

The shutters carry a warranty for workmanship and quality of materials used. The installers will inspect the surface and substrate on which the accordion shutters are to be installed. If there are any extra precautions or provisions are required by the manufacturer for optimum working of the shutters then the installers will inform you of the same. You can be assured of value for your money. A little lubrication and cleaning of these shutters will keep them in top working condition for years. They will protect your property against the elements without losing their shape, color, or efficiency. Keep razors and abrasive cleaners away from the shutters and they’ll be fine.

Once in place, you can pull them up, lock them and leave for a vacation. Be assured that the shutters will protect your property from not only the worst that a hurricane can throw at it but also from hail, fires, and very importantly vandals. These shutters will serve as the first line of defense that is very difficult to breach. These shutters do not have any removable parts that require separate storage. Once installed, they remain fixed and when pulled back they are held in place in discreet holders. These shutters do not take away from the architectural beauty of your property.

St. Petersberg, Florida Accordion Shutters


With hurricane season fast approaching, it is but natural that the residents of St. Petersberg in Florida turn their attention to their level of hurricane preparedness.

Accordion shutters that comply with the county building codes are your first line of defense against the wind, sound, rain, and fury of a hurricane. There’s no escaping hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, and it does not have to be a big Category 5 storm to wreak havoc on an area. Even a Category 2 hurricane riding a storm surge and bring rain and high winds.

If you’re planning a vacation during the hurricane season, don’t leave your property unprotected from the elements and the risk of theft. Install accordion shutters today. We have a range of shutters to choose from, and the prices are unbeatable.

The cost of installing an accordion shutter is far less than the cost of destruction of property that happens when strong winds breach a door or a window and then weaken the walls by flinging debris on them. The massive upward pressure from such winds can also blow away roofs.

If you have property insurance, the insurance company is not going to look too kindly at home owners that neglect to protect against hurricanes. Accordion shutters will also protect your St. Petersberg property from flooding that often follows hurricane rains. The last thing you want after returning from a hurricane shelter is a basement full of rain water.

Properly installed permanent hurricane shutters remain in working condition for more than a decade. They require very little maintenance and will offer your St. Petersberg property more than just hurricane protection. You can be assured that you will also be protected from heat, U.V rays, theft, and these shutters will bring down your cooling costs during the summer months.

Orlando, Florida – Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters – Opened and Closed View

The good residents of Orlando, Florida live in a region that is often visited by hurricanes. And for protection, many have chosen accordion shutters. This is not without reason. We know because we’ve helped many families and businesses in Orlando to secure their property and keep it safe from hurricanes. How? Well, by offering them a wide range of accordion shutters to choose from and giving them a great deal on sturdy products.

Accordion shutters can cover windows, doors and openings of all sorts. They are the most versatile hurricane protection solution with respect to covering openings of different shapes and sizes. The shutters we stock meet the building code regulations of Florida. These accordion shutters stack easily and last long because of the heavy extruded aluminum slats and stainless steel parts. With more coverage per blade and easy installation, you get a shutter that promises and delivers protection for your Tampa residence.

The reduced footprint of these shutters makes them ideal for balconies; they do not impact the architectural beauty of these spaces. You can enclose the entire width of a balcony with one shutter and also protect sliding glass doors from hurricane force winds.

These shutters provide year-round protection from not just wind and rain but also against heat, sound, and vandals. Maintenance of these shutters is a breeze. Simple lubrication and cleaning will keep them functional all year round.

Accordion shutters can be locked from the inside and the outside, which means you can stay safe inside your house, protected from the elements or if you wish you can lock doors, pull these shutters, lock from outside and leave your house for a vacation, secure with the knowledge that your property is safe.

Tampa, Florida Accordion Shutters

accordion shutters

If you think that your storm preparedness ends with the installation of accordion shutters in your Tampa, Florida residence then you’re mistaken. There are certain steps you need to take every year before the hurricane season arrives and there are certain things that you should not do. This article covers the dos and don’ts of being prepared to tackle hurricanes in Tampa, Florida.

You need to have an emergency kit in place for the hurricane season. Get one ready the moment a hurricane warning is issued. Make an inventory of stuff at home. This will make it easier for you, should you have to file a claim, later on. This should be an annual exercise. Keep handy contact information for the local county law enforcement, county public safety fire, local hospitals, local utilities, local American Red Cross, local TV stations.

Your insurance cover should be appropriate for the current state of your property. You may want to add flood insurance to the cover, this will help you in case a hurricane renders your house uninhabitable and you have to shift for a period.

If you own a garden, then landscape such that weak and aged limbs are pruned. These can be lifted by high winds and turned into dangerously flying debris that can damage property.

Know the safety routes around your Tampa residence. You may have to take one to the nearest hurricane shelter in a hurry.

If you’re living on the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic Coast, then you are at threat from hurricanes from the month of June till September. Being prepared is the best thing that you can do to protect your Tampa property and accordion shutters are a great way to ready yourself for the hurricane season not once but for a decade and longer. Invest once and reap the benefits many times over.

Hurricane Dos and Don’ts for Miami Residents

accordion shutters miami

In a couple of months from now, hurricane season will arrive and for all the cities around the Gulf of Mexico, it is the time of the year when they want to take a good look at their hurricane preparedness. Accordion shutters are a popular hurricane shutter choice in Miami, Florida. If you’ve installed these shutters then you’ve taken care of one big issue.

Read on to learn about what you can do to stay safe during a hurricane. Being aware of these dos and don’ts is important because while accordion shutters can save your property and also your life, ultimately it is your wisdom and planning that will keep you safe should a hurricane hit Miami.

Remember, it does not take a big Category 5 hurricane to cause extensive damage. Even a Category 3 hurricane that arrives riding a storm tide can be devastatingly dangerous. If you haven’t already installed accordion shutters in your Miami property, there is still time before the hurricanes begin arriving in June.

Do not wait till the final Hurricane Warning to put together a hurricane kit. The stores might run out of supplies or there might just not be enough time left to stock supplies. Matches, medicines, kerosene, drinking water should be stocked in advance.

Do not delay checking the windows and doors for proper functioning; do it during spring season before the rains come. There should not be any cracks in the doors. The hurricane shutter system installed in your Miami house should function smoothly. Broken tiles on the roof should be replaced early.

Gutters on the terrace should be cleaned of debris so that flowing rainwater has a clear channel to follow. Do not leave the generator in the basement as flooding below can render the machine useless. Do not run the generator indoors, as the fumes can be potentially dangerous.

Are You Well-Stocked to Counter a Hurricane in Athens, Georgia

accordion shutters athens

The month of June brings with it the threat of hurricanes, storm tides, and storm surges. While the citizens of Athens, Georgia may protect their property with accordion shutters, they may need to stock up on supplies so see themselves through the duration of the hurricane. The winds and rains may last for two to three days or even more. And then, the aftermath of the hurricane may make it difficult to procure supplies from stores in Athens.

Before you pull the accordion shutters shut and pack yourself in to wait out the hurricane, you should ensure that you are well-stocked with all the essentials.

Clean drinking water is at the top of the list. Stock supplies for at least three days and ensure that there’s a gallon / day supply for every member of the family. Besides this, you’ll need water for bathing and cleaning. Food is next on the list. It should be easy to cook food or canned stuff that can be consumed straightaway or with some heating. Keep flashlights and batteries handy.

A radio will allow you to stay updated about the progress of the hurricane, when it makes landfall, its intensity, and distance from where you’re staying. A first-aid kit with tinctures, bandages, and sprays should be ready. Medicines according to the ailments present in the family should be stocked. Visit chemists in your Athens neighborhood and stock on at least a week’s supply of medication.

Soaps and cleaning liquids should be available, these are necessary because hygiene is of paramount importance. During natural disasters such as these, it does not take much for disease to spread rapidly.

Keep the originals and copies of personal documents safely and carry proof of identification on you. These documents include proof of address, home lease documents, insurance papers, and birth certificates. Maps will help you reach your destinations if you wish to travel in the aftermath of a hurricane.

Once you’re ready with the supplies, put your faith in your trusted accordion shutters and sit back to wait out the storm.

Are You Prepared to Face Hurricane Season in Savannah, Georgia

accordion shutters savannah georgia

Hurricanes that threaten to unleash destruction each year on the coastal cities of Georgia, such as Savannah, can be safely negotiated if homeowners follow some simple safety procedures. The first step is to install accordion shutters. These shutters protect from property damage and can save you thousands of dollars. Category 4 and Category 5 hurricanes may not arrive every year, but when they do they can leave behind a trail of destruction, which can be particularly severe for an unprepared city.

Each hurricane season, the residents of Savannah should check that the accordion shutters installed by them are in working condition and that there are cracks in the aluminum slats. Every member of the family should be aware of the evacuation plan so that it can be properly executed should a situation arise. Every community has a Hurricane Response Plan and you should know what it is. Be aware of the routes to the local shelters, particularly the pet-friendly ones, if you’re a pet owner. You may be required to register at the shelters in advance and inform authorities about any medical conditions that your family members are suffering from.

Once an evacuation has been announced, do not linger around your property. Check that the accordion shutters have been locked securely, and leave. Take the safest route; it may not necessarily be the shortest route. Keep away from flooded paths.

Once you’re at the evacuation shelter, follow the dos and don’ts of the place. Do not leave till you’re allowed to. While traveling in the aftermath of a hurricane, stay away from dangling power cables. Keep abreast of the latest by listening to NOAA Weather radio broadcasts.

Wear appropriate clothing such as rain jackets and waterproof boots when stepping out. These will protect from the rain and debris as well. Do not enter buildings that appear waterlogged.

Hurricane Safety Tips for Residents of Macon, Georgia

macon accordion shutters

Residents of Macon, Georgia who have installed accordion shutters at their premises have taken an important step in protecting their properties from hurricane damage once the storm season commences. If you have not, then it is time that you consider accordion shutters right away; they are an inexpensive, very sturdy, and long-lasting option.

However, hurricane shutters are just one thing that the good denizens of Macon, Georgia can have in place. They also need to have in place a plan to counter a hurricane once a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning are announced.

If a Hurricane Watch is announced in your city of Macon, then be prepared for a hurricane threat in the next 48 hours. If the threat persists, then a Hurricane Warning is issued. It warns of a hurricane making a landfall in the next 36 hours. You should assess your storm preparations, check that the accordion shutters are properly greased and will operate smoothly.

Additionally, you should be able to move out at short notice and head to the nearest hurricane shelter.

Shift things such as bicycles and plastic furniture inside. These can be carried away by gale force winds and hurt people. Windows and doors should be closed and shutters pulled firm so that your house is protected when the storm comes in.

Stock supplies such as clean drinking water, packaged food, milk, and ready-to-eat stuff. Keep the refrigerator on the coldest setting and avoid opening it unless truly required. This will preserve food longer and will help should the hurricane damage electrical supply.

Stock battery cells and flashlights. If your property has a generator then ensure that it is in working condition. Unplug small appliances. Have a kerosene stove ready to cook food, should you run out of cooking gas during the period of hurricane.

Why Your Columbus, Georgia Property Needs Accordion Shutters

accordion shutters columbia georgia


Accordion shutters perform multiple functions for your residential or commercial property in Columbus, Georgia. Apart from protecting your property during a storm, these shutters guard against theft. They offer an extra layer of security for days when you have to step out of your home for a couple of days. Forced entry becomes doubly difficult when a premise is secured with accordion shutters.

These shutters are also good protection against dust and noise.

Accordion shutters can be locked from the inside and the outside. Some models available in Columbus, Georgia are equipped with porthole windows. These let in sunlight, enable ventilation, and during hot summer days allow you to close the windows and bring down air conditioning costs.

These shutters when purchased from a permit-holding manufacturer and installer will give Columbus residents peace of mind for years to come. Installation by authorized installers will also enable you to get homeowner’s insurance at bargain rates.

In terms of affordability and use, accordion shutters are the best bet for property owners looking for a combination of sturdy hurricane shutters that will last a long time.

Because these shutters can be used from within and without, they are an ideal solution for hurricane protection for upper floors. The tracks on which they slide are easy to install. Permanent mounting means that you can use them all-year round. With a little maintenance, these shutters will last a long time.

Check with the manufacturer if the accordion shutters supplied by them meet the county requirements for meeting high velocity winds in your area. Because, if they don’t then not only do you risk damage to property inspite of shutter installation, your homeowner’s insurance will not reimburse you for the damage caused.

These shutters take little space when not in use, and can be removed for easy stacking in your garage, if you so desire.

How to Choose the Right Accordion Shutter for Your Augusta, Georgia Property

accordion shutters

The two main criteria for selecting accordion shutters from your property in Augusta are the type of window to be covered and the force of the hurricane winds that the shutters are expected to protect against.

When buying shutters, it is best to select manufacturers and installers that are insured and licensed. Licensed accordion shutters installers in Augusta, Georgia can be found on online and offline yellow pages, or a quick search on Google will do the trick.

Ask the installers for a free estimate compare prices and then confirm if they are available for doing maintenance work or will you have to hire hurricane shutter maintenance crew from elsewhere.

Accordion shutters are tough and built to last; they are made from extruded aluminum. Is protection your prime criterion or will your property be safe with shutters that have thinner panels and a reduced footprint?

When it comes to set the shutters up, how long does it take to make them storm-ready? Can it be done by one person?

These are permanent shutters and stack easily by the side of the window. Shutters with a lock and key arrangement also function as a deterrent against theft. Accordion shutters are among the few hurricane shutter options available for Augusta residents that can be used for windows and openings of all shapes and sizes.

The shutters should carry warranties on the parts and manufacturing defects. Warranties should cover cost of repair and replacement. The manufacturer bears all costs during the warranty period, which normally is for 12 months.

Check if the shutters can be secured from inside and outside. Would you prefer permanent or removable tracks? Will the manufacturer customize shutter height and width for your Augusta home?

Check with the manufacturer about any special considerations regarding the installation of these shutters on wood, masonry, and concrete constructions.