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Cape Coral, FL – Accordion Shutters

accordion shutters

Cape Coral residents in Florida looking for durable and economical hurricane shutters should check out the details of accordion shutters on our site. They are the best when compared to other shutter options in terms of value for money and performance.

As storm season approaches, you need to take stock of your level of hurricane preparedness. Are you ready for an approaching Category 5 hurricane? Are the openings leading into your house secure against hurricanes?

These shutters are easy to install and once fixed permanently will work for you for more than a decade. When required accordion shutters in Cape Coral can be installed by one person. Put them in place and breathe easy, you can even go on a vacation secure with the knowledge that the shutters will protect not just against storm winds but also against theft. Accordion shutters can be managed from the inside and therefore are a viable hurricane protection solution for buildings.

Unlike colonial hurricane shutters, accordion shutters for your Cape Coral property will protect not only doors and windows but also irregularly shaped openings and open porches.

Accordion shutters available with us are constructed using strong extruded aluminum and feature a robust locking mechanism. Once locked, these shutters will resist all attempts at a break-in. This makes them a useful option for commercial properties that need protection from the elements as well as from the threat of thievery.

Accordion shutters help bring down home insurance premium costs. Because accordion shutters do not require strengthening with braces and supports, they can be installed across any width with ease. This means that even sprawling terraces and storefronts can be easily and economically protected by these shutters.

These shutters run on tracks, and rest on heavy-duty wheel that will easily pull the shutters close and open them. These shutters demand little maintenance.