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Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, winter storms, and high winds can create unsafe building conditions and can cause property damage that’s expensive to repair. After seeing the damage done by powerful hurricanes in Florida, we knew that people needed strong and reliable shutters on their homes and commercial buildings. That’s why we started manufacturing storm shutters, and we have helped over 10,000 building owners keep their homes and other buildings safe from storms and other dangers. And now you can too! We are offering a dealership opportunity to experienced shutter retailers, contractors, home builders, and other building professionals who want to sell wholesale exterior storm shutters.

Strong storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development make storm preparation easy and worry-free. Our hurricane-rated shutters are engineered to withstand impact and high wind speeds. We manufacture our exterior storm and security shutters from heavy-duty extruded aluminum, and build them to order. When you become a storm shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development, your customers will be able to choose their shutters from our complete storm protection product line, including:

  • Accordion storm shutters
  • Roll-down storm shutters
  • Bahama storm shutters
  • Colonial storm shutters

and other high-quality, highly-rated storm protection products.

Our exterior shutters are available in a variety of custom colors. We build large window shutters, standard-size window shutters, small window shutters, curved and arch-top windows shutters, shutters for doors, glass doors, patio areas, balconies and more. Whatever type of shutters your customers need, you’ll be able to sell the best wholesale exterior shutters to them as a distributor of storm shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.

Becoming a storm shutter distributor can allow you to bring in more income – before, during, and after hurricane season. Once you are a member of our hurricane shutter dealer/distributor program, we can provide you with promotional materials, working shutter samples, and more.  You will be able to easily order shutters online or by phone. We will build the shutters you need and customize them to fit your specifications. We will ship the shutters you order to your location or to your customer’s home or commercial building.

Your customers need storm protection, and may need window and door security too. Our shutters provide excellent storm protection, and can be used to guard against break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Shutters from Empire Construction & Development can also be used for privacy, shade, heat reduction, energy efficiency, and more. Our storm shutter experts are here to help you choose the right type of shutter for any job.


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