Accordion Shutters at Factory Direct Prices for Virginia Beach

If you want the most reliable hurricane storm shutters for your home or business in Virginia Beach, look no further because has you covered. When our shutters are installed on your home you will remain certain that you have taken all the necessary steps to protect your home and family during the hurricane season. There’s nothing worse than the uncertainty of property damage and potential danger you might endure when a bad storm is engulfed on your home. If you need durable storm shutters that can stand up to hurricane force winds in Virginia Beach, then our accordion storm shutters are exactly what you’re looking for.


Our company has been in the construction, manufacturing and shutter business for a very long time and we provide code-compliant shutters that have been approved by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code. You can be assured that you are receiving the best hurricane shutters for your Virginia Beach home or commercial property. Our accordion shutters are made from high grade extruded aluminum and have been engineered with angled blades to help deflect flying debris. The angled blades disperse the impact of airborne objects aimed at your windows during a hurricane or tornado.


Believe it or not, smaller items can be more dangerous when it comes to flying debris. Smaller items can gain more velocity in a short amount of time and all the energy from that flying object will be transferred to one small area of a flat shutter – versus a bigger item bouncing off a shutter and having the entire shutter absorb the energy because the item hits more surface area, evenly dispersing the force of impact. Flat storm panels may protect well against bigger items being hurled at them, but a smaller item can travel right through flat surfaces. will help you understand your shutter needs and preserve the investments you have made in your home or business in Virginia Beach. When you compare the quality of our products with others you will see that our shutters will provide the optimal protection you’ll need during a severe storm.


With picturesque waterfront views comes heavy storms. Be vigilant and protect your property with the most dependable hurricane shutters for Virginia Beach home and business owners. You’ll never know when a major hurricane will make its appearance, so get prepared and visit our website to check out our wide variety of hurricane storm shutters, today! We offer factory direct prices on all of our shutters and free quotes if you call us at 888-474-3555. Let us assist you in choosing the right shutters for your needs or with your custom measurements. You can also visit our website to use our online quoting tool to get a feel for what your shutters may cost you. We look forward to protecting your home and family in Virginia Beach and take pride in knowing our shutters will give you the peace of mind you’ll appreciate during a severe weather system.