Hurricane-Ready in the Florida Keys with Impact Accordion Shutters for Homes and Businesses

Accordion Shutters


If you want to protect your home, business, and family during a hurricane, then jump into action and order your high-quality, custom-made storm panels at Our high-quality accordion shutters with ensure you are protected against whatever severe weather comes your way. The simple act of installing permanent  accordion shutters can alleviate much of the  stress and concern that often comes with dealing with an approaching hurricane and will afford you the confidence you will need to ride out a storm safely.

Many questions arise when it comes to hurricane safety and storm preparations. Here are a few:

Should I put tape over my windows if a hurricane threatens my area?

Putting masking tape over your windows is a waste of time, effort and tape. A child can easily karate chop a piece of tape. Tape will stand no chance when flying debris comes hurling at your windows at over one hundred miles an hour. You will waste even more time trying to scrape and peel it off once it gets baked onto the glass – assuming the glass wasn’t shattered. When a storm threat has been issued, your time will be better spent putting up shutters over your windows and doors and gathering hurricane supplies.


Should I put shutters over my doors?

If you are wondering if your doors need shutters, the answer is absolutely yes. Especially sliding glass doors, French doors or any other door that has glass installed within its frame. Our shutters, which are sold at come in various sizes to fit your standard openings, or can be custom made to fit any sized window, door or large opening.


Why should I get hurricane shutters?

There are many reasons that may influence your decision to purchase hurricane shutters. People who live in coastal areas like the Florida Keys will find that shutters are an excellent investment when it comes to protecting their property, business, and family from the dangerous elements that might be blow in from the ocean. There is a lot more involved than just cleaning up broken glass should a window blow in during a storm. Once a window breaks, the air pressure in your home will elevate drastically.

This can lead to all sorts of problems like valuables inside your home being thrown around, your family becoming frightened or injured from airborne debris crashing about, and also the dreaded roof failure. Having a broken window during a hurricane can be compared to opening one window of your car while you’re driving on the highway. A broken window will also allow water to rush into your home damaging your furniture, walls and other valuables. Water damage can be devastating to the inside of your home.

Once it gets inside your walls, a whole other door of problems opens. Black mold, mildew, and fungus can form and will drastically lower the value of your home unless professionals are  hired quickly to remedy the problem. Finding reliable and trustworthy home repair contractors and repair materials  after a storm will be extremely difficult, simply because your home will likely be one of many in need of repairs following a severe storm. It could be months before you can get a workman to your home even for a bid.  That’s why Hurricane shutters should be your  first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home or business from hurricane damage.


Do I need hurricane shutters if I live in an evacuation zone?

Living in an evacuation zone means you might be directed by your city officials to leave your home if you live in a vulnerable area. This is a safety procedure to protect injury and loss of life during a sever storm event. But what about your home? How will it be protected while you are away? Many families return after a storm to find their home destroyed because they didn’t take the necessary steps to protect it before a storm.

Too often people will find that their home or business was robbed or vandalized by opportunistic thugs who took advantage of structures they knew were unoccupied due to evacuation notices. Even if your home isn’t completely destroyed during a storm, the damage may be so bad that it isn’t suitable for a family to live in. Your home is likely one of your  biggest financial investments and needs durable hurricane and security protection.


If you live in the Florida Keys and want the best hurricane shutters available at the lowest factory direct prices, have a look at and choose from a variety of style shutters to suit your needs and wallet. Our online store sells code-approved, standard size and custom-fit  Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Hurricane Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Colonial Shutters, Aluminum and Clear Storms Panels, Hurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors. We ship nationwide and offer international shipping as well. Put away that roll of masking tape and give us a call at 888-474-3555. We’d be happy to help you outfit your home or business with the best hurricane shutters available online!