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Add Custom Exterior Shutters to Your Product Line! Become a Dealer Today!

Empire Construction and Development specializes in custom-made, storm shields for any window or doorway- no matter the shape or size! With over three decades of professional experience, we promise to provide each one of our customers with the best quality products available. Although we are one of the largest manufacturers of storm protection products, we need helping securing homes all across the world. We are calling out to business owners, builders and contractors to partner with us as distributers. We are able to keep our loved ones as safe as possible when a storm hits and we want you to be able to provide the same level of protection to your customers!
We are now offering a dealer/distributor program that can help you increase your income stream by adding our complete line of hurricane, storm, and security shutters to your business’s existing product line. By becoming a distributor, your customers will have trusted and easy access to the safest products for their homes or businesses.

Becoming a distributor is easy! We will work with your business to accommodate your specific needs. We can provide you with any necessary marketing materials, working samples, and pricing on our products. We even offer different shipping offers!

The customizability of our products allows each customer to order a product they know they are going to love. Our products include:

We offer our products in multiple different colors, styles, and features, ensuring that every customer can purchase shutters that are customized to fit their style preference, security needs, and budget.
Our website drives in over 100,000 targeted visitors annually. Our satisfied customers are able to find exactly what they are looking for and at a price they can afford! We want your customers to be able to do the same! It’s really that simple. Empire Construction and Development continues its mission to help its customers feel safe in their own homes, regardless of their geographical location. Now you can have the opportunity to offer new products, increase revenue, grow a larger customer base, and build a positive reputation as you work side by side with us.
There many different ways to prepare for a big storm. One of the most important methods of security are storm shutters on windows and doors. Becoming a shutter distributor of Empire Construction and Development’s top-quality storm protection products offers many benefits to your business and to those you care about the most. We provide durable hurricane shutters at the most competitive prices you’ll find online. Our excellent  reputation precedes us and by selling our products, yours will too!

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Feel confident in the products you sell to your customers. Help Empire Construction and Development keep people and their homes and businesses  safe even when a dangerous storm threatens. If you would like to become a distributor of hurricane shutters from Empire Construction and Development, sign up today!

Make Money Selling All Types of Exterior Shutters at Wholesale Prices


Are you thinking of expanding your home building business? Do you want to create a new income stream quickly and easily? Exterior shutters may be the answer you’re looking for. You can build up your existing business or start a new one when you start selling exterior shutters at wholesale prices – it’s easy to do when you become a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development.


How do I start selling exterior shutters wholesale?

If you want to start selling exterior window and door shutters, first find a shutter manufacturer. A good manufacturer will be able to supply you with all types of exterior shutters to sell to your customers. Look for high-quality products, a wide selection of shutter types, and great customer reviews. Look no further than Empire Construction & Development.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture a variety of reliable, affordable exterior shutters for hurricane protection, storm protection, security, and more. Our line of shutters and storm protection products are built to the highest standards, designed for use on residential and commercial buildings, and custom-manufactured. See what our happy customers have to say about our shutters, then make them available to your customers!

Once you’re a member of our shutter dealer/distributor program, your customers will be able to choose from a variety of storm shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, trusted manufacturers of storm and security shutters. Selling exterior accordion shutters, exterior roll-down shutters, exterior Bahama shutters, and exterior colonial shutters at wholesale prices will be simple when you partner with us.


Where can I order affordable exterior shutters to sell wholesale?

As a contractor, home builder or shutter retailer in our shutter distributor program, you’ll be able to order the shutters you need for any job from Empire Construction & Development – online through our website: HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com or over the phone with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable team.  

When you select a shutter type and tell us the exterior measurements of the windows, doors, and other areas that need shutters, we will provide you with a price quote. You can also get a quick quote online using the quoting tool on our website. You’ll be able to sell wholesale storm shutters and security shutters as a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development.


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What are the best shutters to sell wholesale?

You can boost your income by selling storm shutters in areas that need hurricane and storm protection. You can help your customers keep their buildings safe with strong security shutters. And you can sell attractive shutters that add to the look and value of any building. Our storm shutter experts are here to help you find the best shutters for every need. Call us at: 888-474-3555, or sign up now to become a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development, and make more money selling all types of exterior shutters at wholesale prices.


Contractors and Home Builders: Are you offering your clients the highest level of hurricane security available?


Are hurricanes a potential danger in your area? If you live and work in many areas of the US, it’s likely they are. These unpredictable storms pose a threat to heavily-populated coastal areas, low-lying cities and towns, and islands in the United States and the Caribbean for about half of each year. During the Atlantic hurricane season, hurricanes can quickly form and make landfall. That can mean 100 MPH or greater wind speeds, flying projectiles, heavy rain and flooding, power outages, and other hazardous conditions. As a contractor or home builder, you can help building owners in your area protect their homes and commercial buildings from potential storm damage by offering them the highest level of hurricane security available: hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.


What type of shutters are needed for hurricane protection?

There are a lot of shutters out there, but not all of them provide reliable hurricane protection. To make sure your clients’ windows, doors, patios, and other building openings are secured against hurricanes and other dangerous storms, provide them with the option to buy strong, hurricane-rated storm shutters, like the ones we make at Empire Construction & Development.


Our storm shutters are:

  • Built of heavy-duty aluminum
  • Designed to withstand impact
  • Made to meet the most stringent wind codes
  • Excellent for commercial and residential buildings


If you want to sell the best hurricane shutters to your clients, become part of our hurricane shutter distributor program. As a hurricane shutter distributor, you will be able to provide your clients with reliable, affordable hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, leaders in hurricane protection.


Take a look at our storm protection products for homes and commercial buildings. At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-build aluminum hurricane shutters for windows, doors, and more. The accordion hurricane shutters, rolling hurricane shutters, colonial hurricane shutters, Bahama hurricane shutters, and other storm protection products your clients need can be made by Empire Construction & Development.




Where can I order hurricane shutters online as a distributor?

As a member of our hurricane shutter dealer and distributor program, you will be able to order storm shutters online from our website: HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com. You’ll give us the exterior window and door measurements for each job order, choose the shutter type and color, and then have the shutters you need built by our storm protection experts. Each shutter order can be shipped to your office, job site, or directly to your client’s home or other building. Getting the right hurricane shutters for each job, in the sizes you need, will be easy when you partner with us as a distributor of our high-quality hurricane shutters.

Sign up now to become a hurricane shutter distributor, or call: 888-474-3555 to learn more about our dealer/distributor program. Offer your clients the best hurricane protection available when you sell shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.