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Best deals on impact storm shutters for Nags Head and Cape Hatteras


Hurricane season runs annually between June 1st through November 30th, but statically, hurricanes occur more frequently from September through November. Don’t let an uneventful hurricane season keep you from taking these storms seriously. And don’t wait to prepare. Order your hurricane shutters online as soon as possible and take the worry out of hurricane season.


Hurricane Dorian gave everyone quite the scare, which is why many have decided it’s time to order quality hurricane storm shutters from HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com, a leading supplier or impact-rated hurricane shutters for Nags Head and Cape Hatteras. HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com has some of the best online deals on impact storm shutters plus unsurpassed customer service.


We are the go-to source for homeowners, contractors and builders in Nags Head and Cape Hatteras when it comes to custom-built Hurricane Shutters, Security Shutters, Decorative Shutters, and other Storm Protection products. With over 35 years of experience, we are the experts when it comes to manufacturing hurricane and security shutters that can withstand severe storms and security concerns.


We carry all types of Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved hurricane protection products including: Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Hurricane Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Colonial Shutters, Aluminum and Clear Storms Panels, Hurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors.


We offer some of the lowest prices for hurricane shutters online because we are the hurricane shutter manufactures and we ship our products straight from our factory in South Florida. This means we can offer our customers some of the best deals online without sacrificing on quality. Skip the middleman and buy your storm shutters directly from the factory and save! A great feature of our hurricane shutters is they come in many different sizes. They can also be custom ordered to fit any size window, door or large store front. Our shutters can even be mounted to windows or balconies that are curved or angled. Whatever your storm protection needs might be, we have your solution.


Give us a call at 888-474-3555 and let us know what you need. We can walk you through the process and give you a quote on the shutters you want.  If you already know exactly what you need,  visit our website HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com and order your shutters online. Just simply measure your windows or desired openings then plug in the measurements into our pricing tool.


If you live in Nags Head or Cape Hatteras, there’s no better time than now to order your hurricane shutters. We ship hurricane shutters to the Outer Banks, nationwide and around the world. We look forward to serving your storm protection, security, decorative, and energy-saving shutter needs!


Accordion Storm Shutters Shipped Factory Direct to Nassau Bahamas

Accordion shutters

When talking about Nassau Bahamas, most people think of pristine beaches, sparkling blue water, and tropical breezes. Although Nassau Bahamas is certainly a blissful island paradise, it can also be a target for fierce storms and hurricanes. The average wind speed in the Bahamas during a hurricane is 120 miles per hour. On average a hurricane passes near the Bahamas every two years. Knowing the risks and damage a hurricane can create, it’s only wise to prepare for it before a storm strikes.

Fortunately, HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com has decades of experience helping its Bahamian customers prepare for hurricanes season. Because our team live and work in South Florida, we know about hurricanes. We’ve lived through many hurricanes and tornadoes and we know what it takes to protect our homes and our business from the wrath and fury of Mother Nature. That’s why we are well equipped to protect your property in the Bahamas with the best hurricane protection products, hands down! Our durable, impact-rated hurricane shutters provide your windows and openings with a tough-as-nails shield that will stand up to severe storms.


Our shutters are shipped factory direct to Nassau and throughout the world because we are one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturers of hurricane storm and security shutters. We manufacturer our own shutters and oversee every detail ensuring that our customers are totally satisfied with our quality workmanship and affordable prices. All orders are boxed and crated at our facility and shipped to the location of your choice in the Bahamas.


In addition to accordion shutters we also offer other popular hurricane shutter products including:

  • Roll Down Shutters- quick and easy operation. Can be closed from inside or outside your home
  • Aluminum Storm Panels- affordable and well-engineered for compact storage
  • Bahama Hurricane Shutters- impact-resistant with a stylish and exotic island design
  • Colonial Hurricane Shutters- Old southern design to compliment your  architectural style

Why Choose HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com?

HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com is a leading website for custom-sized hurricane storm shutters. Our team at  Empire Construction and Development possesses more than 35 years of experience in design, sales, manufacturing – and have had over 100,000 visitors annually to our popular hurricane shutter website where we sell the best hurricane shutters online at low, factory direct prices. We work hard to provide our customers with the best and most affordable solutions to protect their homes and businesses during any kind of severe weather. We manufacture and ship hurricane storm shutters nationwide and around the world and can have them shipped to you in Nassau, Bahamas.

We guarantee that you will have a quality experience when you choose us to safeguard your structure. For more information, please visit our website HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com to browse our shutter products or to use our convenient online pricing tool. Or, call us at 888-474-3555 to talk to our experts and receive a free quote and helpful tips on ordering accordion hurricane shutters for your home or commercial property in Nassau, Bahamas.


Factory Direct Accordion Shutter for Your Home In St. Mary’s, Georgia

Hurricane season is here! It may seem uneventful so far but don’t let that fool you. August through October is when hurricane activity picks up momentum. Don’t put off making preparations. Gather your hurricane supplies and necessities and order your hurricane shutters from HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com, a leading website for  home and business owners who want to purchase the highest-quality hurricane protection in the industry.


With our flagship website receiving over 100,000 visitors annually, Empire Construction & Development has the experience and manufacturing expertise needed to build tough-as-nails hurricane shutters for its many loyal customers. We manufacturer our own shutters right here in the US – in sunny South Florida, where hurricanes are no strangers to our shores. After years of hunkering down during some pretty terrible hurricanes, tornadoes and tropical storms, we know what it takes to safeguard our own homes during a hurricane. Our personal experience has led us to design and manufacture shutters that will not only protect our own families and employees, but our customers’ as well.


Because we sell our shutters factory direct, we  are able to offer the lowest prices on the best quality hurricane protection and security shutters you can find online. We offer  custom storm shields to fit any window or entrance, no matter the size or shape. We are one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturers of high-quality storm shutters. From the do-it-yourselfer to the experienced custom builder, we will work with you to design the best combination of defense and aesthetics to fit your needs and budget. We are able to accommodate any size order, large or small, commercial or residential. Our Experts will guide you through the Hurricane protection process and answer any questions you may have.


Our Accordion hurricane shutters are a popular choice for residents and business owners in and around St. Mary’s, Georgia. For those who do not want to deal with putting up storm panels or heavy splintering plywood every year, Accordion Shutters are an easier and more convenient option. Accordion Shutters are perfect for more than just windows. They are also ideal for securing patios, garage doors, balconies, terraces, and storefronts, which have large expanses. Accordion shutters are perfect for last-minute preparations because you can open or close them from inside your home. There is no need to  run around the outside of your home in the hot or cold weather rushing to put up shutters before the storm arrives. Accordion Shutters just need to be easily pulled closed.


Our accordion shutters are engineered from the highest quality materials. This is important if you live in St. Mary’s, George because your property is located near the coast. Your home will often be the first in contact with a major storm that comes in off the ocean. But don’t’ worry, our Accordion Shutters are crafted from high grade extruded aluminum which will safeguard your home during any severe storm.


Visit our website today or call us at 888-474-3555 to order your Accordion Shutters online at factory direct prices. In addition to  Accordion Hurricane Shutters, our online store also sells  Rolling Hurricane Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Colonial Shutters, Aluminum and Clear Storms Panels, Hurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors. Stay safe in St. Mary’s, Georgia this hurricane season with Accordion Shutters from HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com.

Shop Factory Direct Accordion Shutters for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

It’s that time of the year again. Hurricane season is here! If this hurricane season seems uneventful, then you’re right; for the most part. August through October is when hurricanes really start to roll in. Typically, June and July only see about 1 named storm per month and most do not come ashore. That means time is running out to   get hurricane-ready and be prepared for what may come. Your first step should be to devise a plan for how you will protect your home’s most vulnerable storm entry point – your windows.

Please take a few minutes to check out HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com and review the selection of quality shutters available at every price point and always with factory direct savings.  Accordion Shutters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are the most popular hurricane shutters, year after year.  You can order your accordion storm shutters online today and get started protecting your windows with hurricane accordion shutters at low, factory-direct prices. Because we manufacture our shutters ourselves, we are able to accommodate large and small shutter orders and offer custom fit shutters to fit any size opening.  It also means that we are able to pass along huge savings to our customers in Myrtle Beach and all over the United States and abroad.

Hurricanes generate their force and speed from the ocean, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the front-line defense. If a major hurricane hits South Carolina, Myrtle Beach will be the first to experience its wrath. When the next big hurricane or tropical disturbance rolls in, you will want full confidence in your shutters and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shutters are a reliable product that will protect you from the harshest elements.

HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com is the flagship shutter website for Empire Construction & Development Corp., one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturers of hurricane shutters. With over 35 years of experience in the construction and manufacturing business, this BBB A+ rated company knows a thing or two about hurricanes. Because our company is located in South Florida and many of our employees are local residents, we know what it takes to withstand the fiercest weather systems, and our top priority is making sure that our shutters can stand up to Mother Nature.

Not only do our shutters look amazing and blend with most any architectural style, but they will also help protect your home from weather damage, especially the heavy impact from airborne debris during a storm that would otherwise destroy your windows. For many years, we have been providing home and business owners with quality hurricane protection. We are the company that our valued customers turn to again and again whenever they need excellent storm protection products they can count on. Our accordion shutters are one of the best options to protect your home – and our prices can’t be beat!


Features of Accordion Shutters

  • Accordion shutters provide more than just storm protection. They are solid and very durable and provide additional security against intruders. When accordion shutters are closed, they can be locked from the inside and act as a strong physical barrier against severe weather and vandalism.
  • Our accordion shutters are made of high-quality extruded aluminum that glides smoothly along the fastened track to fully cover each window.
  • accordion shutters provide insulation when closed to keep it cooler in summertime and warmer in the winter.
  • The aluminum slats are angled to help repel debris and will disperse the weight and force of airborne objects being blown against your windows.
  • Accordion shutters are easy to operate and can be closed in a just few seconds. Your entire home can be secured in under 10 minutes.
  • Quality hurricane shutters increase the market value and longevity of any property
  • Accordion shutters also provide protection against the sun to protect your furniture, artwork, and other valuables inside your home


We are expert hurricane shutter manufacturers with years of experience in the industry. We are committed to offering you the lowest prices on the highest quality hurricane protection for your home or business. Our shutters are custom made and ship directly from our factory. If you’re looking for accordion shutters in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, contact us for a free quote at 954-474-3557 and 888-474-3555. We build and ship hurricane shutter products nationwide and around the world. Our shutters come in many sizes to fit any residential or commercial measurements including large openings such as balconies and storefronts. If you live or work in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you may be seeking a shutter style that will not detract from the aesthetics of your home or business. Our online store sells Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Hurricane Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Colonial Shutters, Aluminum and Clear Storms Panels, Hurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors. Stop by our website today or give us a call and let us help you prepare for hurricane season. We look forward to speaking with you!


DEALERSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Get Started Today Selling Wholesale Exterior Storm Shutters


Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, winter storms, and high winds can create unsafe building conditions and can cause property damage that’s expensive to repair. After seeing the damage done by powerful hurricanes in Florida, we knew that people needed strong and reliable shutters on their homes and commercial buildings. That’s why we started manufacturing storm shutters, and we have helped over 10,000 building owners keep their homes and other buildings safe from storms and other dangers. And now you can too! We are offering a dealership opportunity to experienced shutter retailers, contractors, home builders, and other building professionals who want to sell wholesale exterior storm shutters.

Strong storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development make storm preparation easy and worry-free. Our hurricane-rated shutters are engineered to withstand impact and high wind speeds. We manufacture our exterior storm and security shutters from heavy-duty extruded aluminum, and build them to order. When you become a storm shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development, your customers will be able to choose their shutters from our complete storm protection product line, including:

  • Accordion storm shutters
  • Roll-down storm shutters
  • Bahama storm shutters
  • Colonial storm shutters

and other high-quality, highly-rated storm protection products.

Our exterior shutters are available in a variety of custom colors. We build large window shutters, standard-size window shutters, small window shutters, curved and arch-top windows shutters, shutters for doors, glass doors, patio areas, balconies and more. Whatever type of shutters your customers need, you’ll be able to sell the best wholesale exterior shutters to them as a distributor of storm shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.

Becoming a storm shutter distributor can allow you to bring in more income – before, during, and after hurricane season. Once you are a member of our hurricane shutter dealer/distributor program, we can provide you with promotional materials, working shutter samples, and more.  You will be able to easily order shutters online or by phone. We will build the shutters you need and customize them to fit your specifications. We will ship the shutters you order to your location or to your customer’s home or commercial building.

Your customers need storm protection, and may need window and door security too. Our shutters provide excellent storm protection, and can be used to guard against break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Shutters from Empire Construction & Development can also be used for privacy, shade, heat reduction, energy efficiency, and more. Our storm shutter experts are here to help you choose the right type of shutter for any job.


Sign-Up Today!


Don’t miss out on this chance to become a distributor of the best exterior storm shutters for your customers. Sign up now to get started as a member of our storm shutter distributor program, or call: 888-474-3555 for more info. Sell wholesale storm shutters made by Empire Construction & Development and bring unbeatable storm protection to your area.


Make Money Selling All Types of Exterior Shutters at Wholesale Prices


Are you thinking of expanding your home building business? Do you want to create a new income stream quickly and easily? Exterior shutters may be the answer you’re looking for. You can build up your existing business or start a new one when you start selling exterior shutters at wholesale prices – it’s easy to do when you become a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development.


How do I start selling exterior shutters wholesale?

If you want to start selling exterior window and door shutters, first find a shutter manufacturer. A good manufacturer will be able to supply you with all types of exterior shutters to sell to your customers. Look for high-quality products, a wide selection of shutter types, and great customer reviews. Look no further than Empire Construction & Development.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture a variety of reliable, affordable exterior shutters for hurricane protection, storm protection, security, and more. Our line of shutters and storm protection products are built to the highest standards, designed for use on residential and commercial buildings, and custom-manufactured. See what our happy customers have to say about our shutters, then make them available to your customers!

Once you’re a member of our shutter dealer/distributor program, your customers will be able to choose from a variety of storm shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, trusted manufacturers of storm and security shutters. Selling exterior accordion shutters, exterior roll-down shutters, exterior Bahama shutters, and exterior colonial shutters at wholesale prices will be simple when you partner with us.


Where can I order affordable exterior shutters to sell wholesale?

As a contractor, home builder or shutter retailer in our shutter distributor program, you’ll be able to order the shutters you need for any job from Empire Construction & Development – online through our website: HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com or over the phone with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable team.  

When you select a shutter type and tell us the exterior measurements of the windows, doors, and other areas that need shutters, we will provide you with a price quote. You can also get a quick quote online using the quoting tool on our website. You’ll be able to sell wholesale storm shutters and security shutters as a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development.


Call NOW!


What are the best shutters to sell wholesale?

You can boost your income by selling storm shutters in areas that need hurricane and storm protection. You can help your customers keep their buildings safe with strong security shutters. And you can sell attractive shutters that add to the look and value of any building. Our storm shutter experts are here to help you find the best shutters for every need. Call us at: 888-474-3555, or sign up now to become a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development, and make more money selling all types of exterior shutters at wholesale prices.


Become a Distributor of Residential Hurricane Shutter Systems for Residential Homes

You never know how many hurricanes there will be this hurricane season. And once a storm is headed your way, there’s no stopping it – the only thing to do is be prepared. Strong hurricane shutters can be used to protect windows, doors, and other building openings from dangerous storm damage. If you’re a contractor, builder, or experienced retailer of home building products, you can help customers in your area prepare for hurricanes and other storms by selling hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.

Sell the shutters your customers need!

Become part of our hurricane shutter distributor program and bring reliable, affordable storm protection to your area. At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture a variety of hurricane protection products for homes, including:

  • Accordion hurricane shutters for residential homes – Best-selling shutters that pull closed and lock securely. Accordion shutters are a great choice for standard windows and doors, as well as larger windows, sliding doors, patios, balconies, and more.
  • Roll-down hurricane shutters for residential buildings – Popular shutters that can be operated with a manual crank, a motor, or a remote control. Securing windows before a storm will be quick and easy with these aluminum rolling shutters.
  • Colonial hurricane shutters for residential homes – Customers love the look of these colorful shutters. Colonial shutters fold shut over each window for dependable protection before a storm.
  • Bahama hurricane shutters for residential buildings – These shutters are famous for their tropical look, and their protection against the elements. Our Bahama shutters protect windows against hurricanes and tropical storms, shield against wind damage, and provide consistent shade and sun protection too.

Ordering is easy!

As a distributor of our high-quality storm protection products, you’ll be able to order residential shutter systems online through our website: HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com or order shutters over the phone with the assistance of our helpful hurricane protection team. Whenever you need to know the cost of a shutter, you can get an instant price quote using the online quoting tool on our homepage. Our team is here to help you with product information, shipping estimates, and more. We will ship each shutter order directly to you or to your customers’ homes.

Install hurricane shutters, too!

If you’re an experienced contractor, handyman, or other building professional, you may be interested in becoming part of our hurricane shutter installer network too. Throughout the year, our customers need shutters installed on their homes. If a customer in your area purchases hurricane shutters from us and needs someone to install them, we will be able to refer them to you, as a member of our worldwide installer network. We can provide you with complete instructions for installing our hurricane shutters. Make more money this year when you start installing hurricane shutters, or have more customers sent your way.


At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture custom-made hurricane shutter systems that customers love. To start selling residential hurricane shutter systems to your customers, sign up now to become a distributor of our affordable hurricane shutters. Call: 888-474-3555 to learn more about becoming a hurricane shutter distributor. Help customers in your city protect their homes from storm damage with residential hurricane shutters manufactured by Empire Construction & Development.


DISTRIBUTORS WANTED: Sign Up Today and We Will Help You Develop Your Shutter Business

Are you an experienced sales distributor who is currently selling hurricane shutters? Are you looking to build up your shutter business? Don’t miss this opportunity – we want to work with you! We at Empire Construction & Development are top manufacturers of custom-built storm and security shutters, and we are looking for dedicated distributors who want to achieve success through our hurricane shutter dealer/distributor program.

Learn how to add high-quality hurricane shutters to your existing product line with minimal upfront cost, and great returns – we can help you. When you become part of our shutter dealer/distributor program, you will be able to add our affordable, reliable hurricane shutters and security shutters to your current product offerings. When you start selling hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, you’ll be able to provide high-quality storm protection to homeowners and commercial building owners.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture:

  • Accordion shutters
  • Roll-down shutters
  • Bahama shutters
  • Colonial shutters

and other great storm protection and security products. Our custom-made hurricane shutters and security shutters are built of strong extruded aluminum and are designed to withstand impact, high wind speeds, heavy rain, heat, and other extreme conditions.

Find out how to get more customers by providing them with a selection of shutter options, and selling the type of shutters they are looking for. Maybe one customer wants shutters for their home’s windows and doors. Another customer needs to cover their patio area. Another customer wants shutters for their storefront. Another one wants decorative shutters for the front of their home and a large shutter for their glass door out back. Where can you go to find the right type of shutters for each of them? HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com – our website, where you can choose from a variety of shutter types, get an instant price quote, and more. If you have questions about shutter selection, measuring and sizing, shutter operation, and more, our helpful team of shutter experts is here to help you find the best shutter for every need.

See an increase in your revenue when you expand your product line and develop your shutter business with us at Empire Construction & Development. Selling our custom-made storm shutters and security shutters can boost your sales and create a new income stream. If you want to develop your shutter business, sell high-quality shutters your customers will be able to rely on. Take a look at our customer testimonials to see what our customers have to say about our shutters. If you’re a contractor, carpenter, or handyman and you want to start installing hurricane shutters in your area, you can join our shutter installer network too.

Distributors Wanted

You can grow a profitable shutter business, and we can help you get started. Sign up today to become a distributor of affordable hurricane shutters. For more information on joining our shutter distributor program, our shutter installer network, or our referral program, call: 888-474-3555.  Become a successful distributor of shutters made by Empire Construction & Development today!


Colonial Hurricane Shutters in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Ah, Cocoa Beach, Florida. The land of sun and surf, Disney World nearby, and warm winter weather. It’s paradise here – if you’re prepared for hurricanes and tropical storms.

Hurricane and tropical storm season in Florida runs from the start of June until November 1st, with the worst months being from August to October, so the time to put up hurricane shutters is now. Before hurricane season begins, your house should be readied for the season, and colonial hurricane shutters in Cocoa Beach, Florida are one of the best protections for your home.

Hurricane shutters are among the most economical solution for homeowners to protect the openings of their home from wind, airborne debris (think sand, unsecured lawn furniture, and tree limbs), and driving rain.

Colonial hurricane shutters are two-piece louvered shutters that attach to the wall beside each window. They fold together to protect the window opening and they are one of the most popular types of hurricane shutters.

Reasons to Use Colonial Hurricane Shutters in Cocoa Beach

Colonial hurricane shutters are permanently fixed beside windows and don’t have to be taken out and installed when storms are imminent, cutting down on the time it takes to set them up. They also don’t use up storage space in your home, which can be important in Florida homes.

Decorative and beautiful, Colonial hurricane shutters beautify your home and add to its value.

Requires only one person to make your home storm ready, and the average time this takes is from 15 minutes to one hour. This can be very important, as tropical storms and hurricanes change paths quickly and can roar across the narrow state of Florida in just a few hours.

One of the least expensive hurricane shutters in Cocoa Beach, Florida, as they cost only slightly more than storm panels, which are much bulkier and harder to put up in the event of a storm.

Hurricane Shutters Florida gives a free estimate for Colonial storm shutters. They will make the shutters to your window measurements and ship them directly to you, saving you money on your hurricane shutters. They are easy to install and save you money. If you opt not to have a handyman or contractor do the work and want to install them yourself, they have helpful DIY videos to help you with Colonial hurricane shutter installation.

Colonial storm or hurricane shutters are gorgeous and add to the value of your home, plus they protect you from the storms. Being prepare for hurricane season is important, and Hurricane Shutters Florida is there to help you. If you’re ready to order your Colonial Hurricane Shutters in Cocoa Beach, Florida, call 888-474-3555 for a free estimate or visit the website to learn more and get an online price.