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Where to Find the Lowest Prices on Accordion Shutters Online

What do you do when it’s time to prepare your home for a storm? What about when you need to securely lock up your commercial building? If you have accordion shutters on your building, you can quickly and easily protect your windows, doors, patio area, and more whenever you need to. If you don’t have shutters on your home or commercial building – don’t wait to get them! Find the accordion shutters you need to keep your building safe, and find them at the lowest prices online, at accordionshutters.com.


Accordion shutters are one of the most popular storm protection products around. These sturdy shutters also make great security shutters for residential and commercial buildings. Accordion shutters are permanently installed on the right and left side of each opening, folding to each side when open and pulling shut along a built-in track. When you need to protect your home or business from hurricanes, tropical storms, high winds, theft, or other threats, accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com provide strong and reliable protection.


The low-priced, high-quality accordion shutters you’ll find on accordionshutters.com are manufactured by Empire Construction & Development. For over ten years, Empire Construction & Development has provided customers all over the United States and throughout the world with top-rated accordion shutters and other dependable storm shutters. Empire Construction & Development manufactures custom rolling shutters, Bahama shutters, colonial shutters, and other shutter types in addition to the best-selling accordion shutters available at accordionshutters.com.


Accordion storm shutters and accordion security shutters from accordionshutters.com are:

  • Custom made for each order
  • Made of long-lasting aluminum
  • Hurricane-rated and tested to withstand impact
  • Built with a secure keyed locking device
  • Available in your choice of four colors: white, ivory, beige, and bronze


Make sure you’re getting the right shutters – shutters that protect your home or business, look good on your building, and fit your budget. Affordable accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com allow you to protect your property, and these shutters can increase the safety and value of your building. Don’t pay more for inferior shutters, get custom-built accordion shutters at the lowest price online when you buy your new shutters from accordionshutters.com.


When you need shutters for hurricane protection and building security, accordion shutters are a great choice for any home or commercial building. Buy accordion shutters online from accordionshutters.com, where you’ll find the lowest prices for accordion hurricane shutters and accordion security shutters.

Where do you go when you need to find accordion shutters at the lowest prices? Shop online at accordionshutters.com for the shutters you need. If you’re ready to get your home or business storm-ready and easily protect your windows and glass doors from break-ins, get accordion shutters now. Call: 1-888-474-3555 for a free quote on the cost of accordion shutters for your home or other building. Find the lowest prices for accordion shutters online at accordionshutters.com.

Add Custom Exterior Shutters to Your Product Line! Become a Dealer Today!

Empire Construction and Development specializes in custom-made, storm shields for any window or doorway- no matter the shape or size! With over three decades of professional experience, we promise to provide each one of our customers with the best quality products available. Although we are one of the largest manufacturers of storm protection products, we need helping securing homes all across the world. We are calling out to business owners, builders and contractors to partner with us as distributers. We are able to keep our loved ones as safe as possible when a storm hits and we want you to be able to provide the same level of protection to your customers!
We are now offering a dealer/distributor program that can help you increase your income stream by adding our complete line of hurricane, storm, and security shutters to your business’s existing product line. By becoming a distributor, your customers will have trusted and easy access to the safest products for their homes or businesses.

Becoming a distributor is easy! We will work with your business to accommodate your specific needs. We can provide you with any necessary marketing materials, working samples, and pricing on our products. We even offer different shipping offers!

The customizability of our products allows each customer to order a product they know they are going to love. Our products include:

We offer our products in multiple different colors, styles, and features, ensuring that every customer can purchase shutters that are customized to fit their style preference, security needs, and budget.
Our website drives in over 100,000 targeted visitors annually. Our satisfied customers are able to find exactly what they are looking for and at a price they can afford! We want your customers to be able to do the same! It’s really that simple. Empire Construction and Development continues its mission to help its customers feel safe in their own homes, regardless of their geographical location. Now you can have the opportunity to offer new products, increase revenue, grow a larger customer base, and build a positive reputation as you work side by side with us.
There many different ways to prepare for a big storm. One of the most important methods of security are storm shutters on windows and doors. Becoming a shutter distributor of Empire Construction and Development’s top-quality storm protection products offers many benefits to your business and to those you care about the most. We provide durable hurricane shutters at the most competitive prices you’ll find online. Our excellent  reputation precedes us and by selling our products, yours will too!

Call Today!

Feel confident in the products you sell to your customers. Help Empire Construction and Development keep people and their homes and businesses  safe even when a dangerous storm threatens. If you would like to become a distributor of hurricane shutters from Empire Construction and Development, sign up today!

Sign Up TODAY to Become a Florida Distributor of High-Quality Hurricane Protection Products

What kind of hurricane protection products are you selling? If you’re not selling the best shutters available in Florida, or if you’re not selling storm shutters at all, now is the time to change that! You can start selling high-quality hurricane protection products from Empire Construction & Development as a member of our shutter distributor program

Hurricane shutters are needed in Florida. Homeowners and commercial building owners across the Sunshine State need to protect their windows, doors, glass doors, patios and more from storm damage – and quality matters. When it comes to hurricane protection in Florida, strong yet affordable storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development are a great choice for protection against property damage.

Our custom-built hurricane shutters are made to hold up against impact, wind and rain, and other extreme conditions. Hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development meet wind code requirements throughout Florida, and can be used on a variety of windows, doors, and other building openings.

As a home builder or contractor in Florida, you can expand your services and help customers in your part of the state get the hurricane and storm protection they need. We will manufacture each shutter order to your specifications, and ship to you or directly to your customer’s home or job site. Start selling high-quality hurricane shutters as a shutter distributor in Florida. If you’re looking to pick up shutter installation jobs in Florida, you can become part of our shutter installer network too.

As a current hurricane shutter distributor, you can add our excellent hurricane shutters to your existing product line.

  • Accordion hurricane shutters
  • Rolling hurricane shutters
  • Bahama hurricane shutters
  • Colonial hurricane shutters
  • Storm panels

We offer many reliable hurricane protection products that are popular among our customers in the nationwide. When you become a shutter distributor in Florida for Empire Construction & Development, we can provide you with product information, working shutter samples, business cards and other promotional marketing materials, and more. Your customers can choose the shutter style and color they want from our line of hurricane protection products. Our shutters can be added to your product line to increase your storm shutter sales this year.

No building in Florida is complete without storm protection. At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture affordable, reliable hurricane shutters for homes and commercial buildings in Florida. Our storm shutters have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code.

When you become part of our hurricane shutter distributor program, you’ll be able to provide your customers with reliable, top-quality storm shutters they can count on year after year. For more information on our custom-built hurricane shutters, our distributor program, and our installer network, call 888-474-3555. Sign up today to become a distributor of high-quality hurricane protection products in Florida.