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Add Exterior Hurricane and Security Shutters to Your Product Line

Do you want to make more money as a shutter retailer, contractor or home builder? Adding exterior hurricane and security shutters to your product line can boost your earnings this year. Hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development are reliable, affordable, and great additions to any current line of products.


When you join our shutter distributor program, you can start selling our custom-built hurricane and security shutters. Our products are made to be used on homes and commercial buildings, and provide dependable hurricane protection and security. Start selling exterior accordion shutters, exterior rolling shutters, exterior colonial shutters, and exterior Bahama shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.


If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes or other strong storms, protecting windows, glass doors, patio areas and more with exterior shutters can help protect against common types of storm damage. Get more customers near you by offering high-quality storm shutters for homes and businesses. Our shutters meet the highest wind code standards and are designed to withstand impact from flying projectiles.


If your customers are worried about theft and vandalism, installing strong exterior security shutters over windows, doors, and other building openings can protect against break-ins and property damage. Shutters are particularly important following a severe storm when the rates for vandalism and theft rise significantly. Our hurricane shutters are durable and made to last and provide the security homes and businesses need during and after a storm.


If storm protection and security is needed in your area, sell shutters that offer both kinds of protection to your customers. Our shutters can be used to protect homes and commercial buildings during hurricane season, and for security, year-round. Become an exterior hurricane shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development to help your customers protect their homes and other buildings.


When you start selling aluminum hurricane and security shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, we can help you:

  • Promote the great new additions to your product line with marketing materials, business cards, brochures, and working shutter samples.
  • Get a price quote for hurricane and security shutters online using the quoting tool on our website, over the phone with assistance from our helpful team, or by email. We will provide you with a detailed quote, including the cost of shipping, so you’ll know how much to charge your customers.
  • Get your customers the shutters they need with a variety of exterior hurricane and security shutters to choose from. Our shutters are built to order, and can be used on most window sizes and styles. Our shutter experts can help you find the right shutters for every customer order.


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To add our exterior shutters to your product line, sign up now to become a hurricane shutter distributor, or call: 888-474-3555 for more information on our shutters and how you can start selling them. Grow your business by selling exterior hurricane and security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Contractors and Home Builders: Are you offering your clients the highest level of hurricane security available?


Are hurricanes a potential danger in your area? If you live and work in many areas of the US, it’s likely they are. These unpredictable storms pose a threat to heavily-populated coastal areas, low-lying cities and towns, and islands in the United States and the Caribbean for about half of each year. During the Atlantic hurricane season, hurricanes can quickly form and make landfall. That can mean 100 MPH or greater wind speeds, flying projectiles, heavy rain and flooding, power outages, and other hazardous conditions. As a contractor or home builder, you can help building owners in your area protect their homes and commercial buildings from potential storm damage by offering them the highest level of hurricane security available: hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.


What type of shutters are needed for hurricane protection?

There are a lot of shutters out there, but not all of them provide reliable hurricane protection. To make sure your clients’ windows, doors, patios, and other building openings are secured against hurricanes and other dangerous storms, provide them with the option to buy strong, hurricane-rated storm shutters, like the ones we make at Empire Construction & Development.


Our storm shutters are:

  • Built of heavy-duty aluminum
  • Designed to withstand impact
  • Made to meet the most stringent wind codes
  • Excellent for commercial and residential buildings


If you want to sell the best hurricane shutters to your clients, become part of our hurricane shutter distributor program. As a hurricane shutter distributor, you will be able to provide your clients with reliable, affordable hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, leaders in hurricane protection.


Take a look at our storm protection products for homes and commercial buildings. At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-build aluminum hurricane shutters for windows, doors, and more. The accordion hurricane shutters, rolling hurricane shutters, colonial hurricane shutters, Bahama hurricane shutters, and other storm protection products your clients need can be made by Empire Construction & Development.




Where can I order hurricane shutters online as a distributor?

As a member of our hurricane shutter dealer and distributor program, you will be able to order storm shutters online from our website: HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com. You’ll give us the exterior window and door measurements for each job order, choose the shutter type and color, and then have the shutters you need built by our storm protection experts. Each shutter order can be shipped to your office, job site, or directly to your client’s home or other building. Getting the right hurricane shutters for each job, in the sizes you need, will be easy when you partner with us as a distributor of our high-quality hurricane shutters.

Sign up now to become a hurricane shutter distributor, or call: 888-474-3555 to learn more about our dealer/distributor program. Offer your clients the best hurricane protection available when you sell shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.