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Add Custom Exterior Shutters to Your Product Line! Become a Dealer Today!

Empire Construction and Development specializes in custom-made, storm shields for any window or doorway- no matter the shape or size! With over three decades of professional experience, we promise to provide each one of our customers with the best quality products available. Although we are one of the largest manufacturers of storm protection products, we need helping securing homes all across the world. We are calling out to business owners, builders and contractors to partner with us as distributers. We are able to keep our loved ones as safe as possible when a storm hits and we want you to be able to provide the same level of protection to your customers!
We are now offering a dealer/distributor program that can help you increase your income stream by adding our complete line of hurricane, storm, and security shutters to your business’s existing product line. By becoming a distributor, your customers will have trusted and easy access to the safest products for their homes or businesses.

Becoming a distributor is easy! We will work with your business to accommodate your specific needs. We can provide you with any necessary marketing materials, working samples, and pricing on our products. We even offer different shipping offers!

The customizability of our products allows each customer to order a product they know they are going to love. Our products include:

We offer our products in multiple different colors, styles, and features, ensuring that every customer can purchase shutters that are customized to fit their style preference, security needs, and budget.
Our website drives in over 100,000 targeted visitors annually. Our satisfied customers are able to find exactly what they are looking for and at a price they can afford! We want your customers to be able to do the same! It’s really that simple. Empire Construction and Development continues its mission to help its customers feel safe in their own homes, regardless of their geographical location. Now you can have the opportunity to offer new products, increase revenue, grow a larger customer base, and build a positive reputation as you work side by side with us.
There many different ways to prepare for a big storm. One of the most important methods of security are storm shutters on windows and doors. Becoming a shutter distributor of Empire Construction and Development’s top-quality storm protection products offers many benefits to your business and to those you care about the most. We provide durable hurricane shutters at the most competitive prices you’ll find online. Our excellent  reputation precedes us and by selling our products, yours will too!

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Feel confident in the products you sell to your customers. Help Empire Construction and Development keep people and their homes and businesses  safe even when a dangerous storm threatens. If you would like to become a distributor of hurricane shutters from Empire Construction and Development, sign up today!

Become a Dealer of Wholesale Hurricane Shutters. Here’s How . . .


Empire Construction & Development is looking for motivated builders, contractors and merchants who are interested in adding hurricane, storm, and security shutters to their company’s product offerings. If you’ve been looking for smart ways to increase your income stream and generate more website traffic and customers, becoming a storm and security shutters dealer is for you!

Becoming a storm and security shutter dealer is quick and easy and there in NO COST TO JOIN our distributorship program. Here’s how to get started making money as a shutter distributor:

  1. Visit our website and fill out the online sign-up form. A representative from Empire Construction & Development will contact you by the next business day to get you started.
  2. Add our shutters to your existing product line.
  3. Check out our beautiful marketing, brochures for each product type.
  4. Download product drawings directly from our website.
  5. Purchase ready-to-shop working samples of each product for a minimal fee.
  6. Use our online quoting tool to obtain an instant quote or call us with the measurements of your customers’ openings and receive an instant over-the-phone quote.
  7. Place your customers’ shutter orders and leave the shipping and handling to Empire Construction & Development, we’ll take it from there!
  8. Enjoy the smiles on your customers’ faces when they thank you for selling them quality hurricane storm shutters at a price they can afford.

The team at Empire Construction & Development has over 35 years of expertise in design, sales, manufacturing, and construction. Because we manufacture our shutters right here in the U.S., we are able to customize any size order, large or small, commercial or residential and provide your customers with the best solutions for protecting their homes and businesses. We Stand Behind all our Products with our Limited 5 Year Warranty.

With just a drill and a level, our shutter products are not difficult to install. Our shutters are shipped directly to you, or the location at which the shutters will be installed. Each order includes all of the necessary instructions and hardware needed for installation.

At Empire Construction & Development, we are experts in the building industry, and we look forward to partnering with new distributors throughout the United States. Additionally, we have a growing Worldwide Installer Network that is a great fit for handymen, carpenters, contractors, and other certified service professionals that want to generate more income.

We also have a robust Referral Program that offers generous commission payouts when friends, neighbors and family members purchase from our website, which is the leading website for custom built Hurricane Shutters, Security Shutters, Decorative Shutters, and other Storm Protection products with well over 100,000 targeted visitors annually. Our referral members can easily manage their referral activity with our back-end interface and receive promotional links that are easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. We provide a referral code for word-of-mouth marketing to promote our products. Our members just do the referring and we handle all the selling and shipping!

If you are ready to join our Storm and Security Shutter Distributorship Program, Installer Network or Shutter Referral Team, sign-up today on our website or call 888-474-3555.

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Generate Extra Income Selling Hurricane, Storm, and Security Shutters

If you can use some extra income as a home builder, contractor, or retailer, selling exterior shutters may be for you! Hurricane shutters, storm shutters, and security shutters are needed on homes and commercial buildings throughout the country. You can make more money by making these types of shutters available to your customers, which can get you some new customers too. And if you want to generate extra income by selling hurricane, storm, and security shutters, sell shutters made by Empire Construction & Development, leaders in custom shutter manufacturing.


Make extra income selling hurricane shutters. Hurricanes and tropical storms are a threat to many areas of the US, the Caribbean, and beyond. If you see homes and other buildings with plywood on windows before a storm, you’re seeing an opportunity to bring reliable, affordable hurricane shutters to your area as a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development. Our hurricane shutters are strong and easy to use, and can be installed on most windows and doors. Some of our shutters are great for patios, balconies, and other large building openings. All of our hurricane shutters are built to adhere to wind codes in the US, and are built to protect windows and other openings from flying objects and high wind speeds.


Make more money selling storm shutters. Tornadoes, winter storms, hail storms, high winds – if any of these types of storms pose a danger near you, selling storm shutters may be a good idea. Our durable accordion storm shutters, rolling storm shutters, colonial storm shutters, and Bahama storm shutters are permanently installed for quick and easy storm preparation. Homes and commercial buildings can protect against costly storm damage by securing their windows, glass doors, and other openings with the strong shutters you’ll sell them as a member of our shutter dealer/distributor program.


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Boost your sales by offering security shutters. If theft is on the rise in your area, business owners and homeowners may be looking for ways to protect their buildings. Security shutters are a solution to break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Our security shutters can be used to secure a retail store, restaurant, warehouse, office building or other commercial building overnight, and they’re great for home security too. Bring in more customers when you offer security shutters made by Empire Construction & Development to your customers.


At Empire Construction & Development, we make strong and affordable shutters that our customers love. When you become a shutter distributor for us, we can provide you with shutter price quotes, product information, marketing materials, working shutter samples, and assistance from our expert shutter team. Sign up today to become a shutter distributor, or call: 888-474-3555 with questions about joining our shutter dealer/distributor program. Generate extra income by selling custom hurricane, storm, and security shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Contractors and Home Builders: Sign Up Today as a Distributor or Installer of Wholesale Hurricane Shutters and Security Shutters

Homes and businesses need protection. No matter where you live, storms and theft can be a danger to homes and commercial buildings. There is one option for building protection against both storms and break-ins: window and door shutters. Strong aluminum shutters provide protection against hurricanes and other storms, and can be used to guard against theft and vandalism too. You can now bring dependable hurricane shutters and security shutters to your area as a distributor or installer of shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.

Become a distributor of hurricane shutters and security shutters to sell:

  • Accordion hurricane shutters and security shutters
  • Rolling hurricane shutters and security shutters
  • Colonial hurricane shutters and security shutters
  • Bahama hurricane shutters and security shutters

And other strong window and door protection products to home owners and business owners in your area. Make more money as a contractor or home builder by making our product line available to your customers as a member of our shutter distributor program.

Become a shutter installer in our worldwide shutter installer network to start building your shutter installation business or getting more customers near you. When you become an installer in our network, we will refer customers who need shutter installation in your area to you. Installing hurricane shutters, storm shutter, and security shutters is easy with the right tools and our instructional material. Join our installer network as a licensed contractor, home builder, or other building professional.

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The best hurricane shutters for contractors and home builders are available from Empire Construction & Development. As a distributor of our hurricane-rated shutters, you’ll be able to provide your customers with the best hurricane protection available. Our hurricane shutters are engineered to withstand impact and extreme conditions. Hurricane shutters from Empire Construction can also be used for window and door protection against tornadoes, high winds, hail storms, winter storms, and other dangerous weather.

The best security shutters for contractors and home builders are also available from Empire Construction & Development. Our shutters can also be used as security shutters for commercial and residential buildings. Windows, doors, patio areas, and more can be secured overnight, or when the building owner is out of town. Help customers in your city protect against burglary and vandalism with our tough exterior shutters.

Be the best shutter distributor or installer when you partner with Empire Construction & Development. We can help you with everything you’ll need to start selling or installing our hurricane and security shutters. Our shutters are affordable, reliable, and easy to install. Call: 888-474-3555 for more information on joining our shutter distributor program or shutter installer network, or sign up today to get started selling custom-made shutters from Empire Construction & Development.


Become a Distributor of Residential Hurricane Shutter Systems for Residential Homes

You never know how many hurricanes there will be this hurricane season. And once a storm is headed your way, there’s no stopping it – the only thing to do is be prepared. Strong hurricane shutters can be used to protect windows, doors, and other building openings from dangerous storm damage. If you’re a contractor, builder, or experienced retailer of home building products, you can help customers in your area prepare for hurricanes and other storms by selling hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development.

Sell the shutters your customers need!

Become part of our hurricane shutter distributor program and bring reliable, affordable storm protection to your area. At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture a variety of hurricane protection products for homes, including:

  • Accordion hurricane shutters for residential homes – Best-selling shutters that pull closed and lock securely. Accordion shutters are a great choice for standard windows and doors, as well as larger windows, sliding doors, patios, balconies, and more.
  • Roll-down hurricane shutters for residential buildings – Popular shutters that can be operated with a manual crank, a motor, or a remote control. Securing windows before a storm will be quick and easy with these aluminum rolling shutters.
  • Colonial hurricane shutters for residential homes – Customers love the look of these colorful shutters. Colonial shutters fold shut over each window for dependable protection before a storm.
  • Bahama hurricane shutters for residential buildings – These shutters are famous for their tropical look, and their protection against the elements. Our Bahama shutters protect windows against hurricanes and tropical storms, shield against wind damage, and provide consistent shade and sun protection too.

Ordering is easy!

As a distributor of our high-quality storm protection products, you’ll be able to order residential shutter systems online through our website: HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com or order shutters over the phone with the assistance of our helpful hurricane protection team. Whenever you need to know the cost of a shutter, you can get an instant price quote using the online quoting tool on our homepage. Our team is here to help you with product information, shipping estimates, and more. We will ship each shutter order directly to you or to your customers’ homes.

Install hurricane shutters, too!

If you’re an experienced contractor, handyman, or other building professional, you may be interested in becoming part of our hurricane shutter installer network too. Throughout the year, our customers need shutters installed on their homes. If a customer in your area purchases hurricane shutters from us and needs someone to install them, we will be able to refer them to you, as a member of our worldwide installer network. We can provide you with complete instructions for installing our hurricane shutters. Make more money this year when you start installing hurricane shutters, or have more customers sent your way.


At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture custom-made hurricane shutter systems that customers love. To start selling residential hurricane shutter systems to your customers, sign up now to become a distributor of our affordable hurricane shutters. Call: 888-474-3555 to learn more about becoming a hurricane shutter distributor. Help customers in your city protect their homes from storm damage with residential hurricane shutters manufactured by Empire Construction & Development.


How to Become a Distributor or Installer of High-Quality Hurricane Protection Products

Do you want to start selling storm protection products? Do you want to start installing hurricane shutters on homes and commercial buildings near you? It can be a booming business – people need storm protection and they need someone to install their storm shutters. Becoming a distributor or installer of high-quality hurricane protection products can help you grow your business, expand your services as a contractor, and make more money. But how do you get started? Let us at Empire Construction & Development help you.

Step 1: Find the right shutter manufacturing company to order storm protection product from, or to install shutters for. You want to find a company that manufactures the high-quality, hurricane-rated shutters your customers need. At Empire Construction & Development, we custom-build:

  • Accordion hurricane shutters
  • Rolling hurricane shutters
  • Bahama hurricane shutters
  • Colonial hurricane shutters

And more. Get detailed information on all of our storm protection products here.

Our hurricane shutters and other storm protection products are built to be safe, reliable, and durable. The hurricane shutters we build are made of heavy-duty aluminum, available in a variety of colors, and built to fit most any window, door, or other building opening. Hurricane shutters made by Empire Construction & Development provide excellent hurricane and tropical storm protection, and can also be used for protection against high winds, theft, and other dangers.

Step 2: Become part of an established network of shutter distributors and shutter installers. At Empire Construction & Development, we have a shutter dealer/distributor program that’s easy to join. You can add our popular hurricane shutters to your current product line, or create your shutter business from the ground up with our affordable, reliable storm protection products. When you become part of our hurricane shutter dealer/distributor program, we can provide you with:

  • Quick shutter price quotes
  • Shipping cost quotes
  • Product information
  • Promotional materials
  • Working shutter samples

and assistance from our friendly team of hurricane shutter experts.

We also have an active shutter installer network you can join as a contractor, handyman, or other building professional. Our customers throughout the US, the Caribbean, and around the world need professional installation of their hurricane shutters. When you become part of our shutter installer network, we will be able to refer customers looking for shutter installation in your area directly to you. You can quickly and easily learn how to install our storm protection products via our instructional videos and how-to guides.

Step 3: Start managing your new customer orders and installation jobs when you’re a shutter distributor for Empire Construction & Development, or an installation professional in our shutter installer network. As leaders in custom-built hurricane shutters, we at Empire Construction & Development have helped over 10,000 happy customers protect their homes and commercial buildings. See what our customers have to say about our hurricane shutters and security shutters here.

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Sign up now to become a shutter distributor or installer, or call: 888-474-3555 with questions about joining our dealer/distributor program and shutter installer network. Becoming a distributor of high-quality hurricane protection products, an installer of hurricane shutters in your area — or both — is easy when you work with Empire Construction & Development.