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Factory-direct prices on impact storm shutters for builders and contractors in South Carolina


From the do-it-yourselfer to the experienced custom builder, HurricaneShutterFlorida.com, a leading hurricane shutter manufacturer and online seller of top quality shutters at factory-direct prices. We are the hurricane shutter manufactures and are able to provide South Carolina home and business owners with some of the most competitive prices on storm shutters – without sacrificing on quality or customer service. Skip the middleman and buy directly from the factory and save! We are able to accommodate any size order, large or small, commercial or residential and we will ship our products to the Carolinas and anywhere else in the United States, the Caribbean and around the world.  Our hurricane shutters come in many sizes, color choices and can be custom ordered to fit any sized window, door, balcony, garage door or large opening or storefront.


Many home buyers prefer a home that comes equipped with preinstalled hurricane shutters – which is one of the reasons storm  shutters are a great investment. In addition to safeguarding your property during a storm, shutters also add buyer appeal and market value should you decide to sell your home one day. Additionally, insurance companies recognize how storm shutters decrease the number of filed insurance claims following a storm and  so many  insurers offer lower premiums for homes and businesses that install quality shutters. Another reason a homeowner might want hurricane shutters – besides the fact that they protect the home, is that shutters provide added insulation and can help save on energy costs.


Buying hurricane shutters through a third-party seller can be very costly. HurricaneShutterFlorida.com provides its customers  with a solution that will save you money on your shutter purchase. We provide top-quality hurricane shutters at low, factory-direct prices. We are the experts in the building industry which enables us to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We have over 35 years of experience in design, manufacturing, sales, and construction. Our mission is to  provide our customers with the best solutions for protecting their homes and businesses during the worst kind of weather. We are one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturers of hurricane shutters available on the market today and a longtime, trusted source for hurricane and security protection.
For more information on purchasing storm and security shutters for your windows, doors in South Carolina, please visit our website HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com. While you’re there, you can check out our online pricing to get a feel of what the cost of new shutters may be. Simply select the desired hurricane shutter type and size then plug in the measurements. You can also call us at 888-474-3555 to speak to our friendly experts to receive a free quote. Give us a call today!


Accordion Shutters for Homes and Businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina

Accordion Shutters


Accordion shutters are one of the strongest, most convenient and versatile storm protection systems on the market. From hurricane-force winds, rain hail, flying debris and much more, quality code-approved hurricane shutters sold at HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com will stand up to whatever storms come your way. Our team of shutter experts are ready to assist you in finding trusted hurricane protection products for your home in Charlotte – at factory direct prices. Our Shutters are designed to operate on gliding upper and lower tracks which makes deploying them as simple as possible. Accordion shutters come in many sizes and can be custom ordered to fit any sized window, door, and balcony; even those on a curve. These low-cost extruded aluminum storm shutters offer more than just storm protection. When closed and fully deployed, they also serve as a theft deterrent should you have to evacuate your home during a hurricane or if you are heading out of town for an extended time period.

The state of North Carolina requires insurance companies to offer discounts to customers who have rated storm-approved shutters installed on their windows and doors? Our Storm shutters are some of the highest rated in the country and have been approved by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code.

  • Accordion storm shutters offer your home great insulation. While closed, these shutters will retain heat in during the winter and will also keep it cooler during the summer
  • Our permanently installed accordion shutters will be ready year-round for any hurricane or sudden storm or tornado that may approach your area
  • Impact storm shutters add market value and equity to your home or business
  • Your insurance company may offer you lower premiums
  • Storm protection is essential, this one-time purchase will save you time and money from buying and installing plywood year after year
  • Our accordion shutters practically pay for themselves. They are a great investment of time and money


HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com is a leading website for custom-built Hurricane Shutters, Security Shutters, Decorative Shutters, and other Storm Protection products. Our website receives over 100,000 targeted visitors annually because our storm protection products are in demand throughout the United States and abroad. Our construction team has over 35 years of experience in building, design and manufacturing which is why we know how to build the best and the strongest hurricane shutters for homes and commercial properties. We are based in Florida which also has the most stringent building codes in the country. This means that our shutters are the highest quality storm protection on the market. Because we manufacture our own shutters, cutting out the “middleman” we are able to sell our shutters online at factory direct prices.  We ship nationwide and abroad, and no order is too small or too large for us to handle.  If you need one shutter or many, we’ve got you covered!

  • Accordion shutters are a one-time investment that will protect your home for years to come
  • They have both inside and outside locking systems available
  • Excellent protection against forced entry while away from your home or on vacation
  • Shutters provide added insulation and lower electricity bills every month
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • These shutters cover a variety of openings like sliding glass doors, windows, balconies, garage doors, decks or store fronts
  • Our shutters are easy to open and close and can be operated from inside your home
  • Hurricane shutters add resale value to your home or business
  • Shutters protect your furniture, curtains, wall hangings and valuables from sun damage and fading
  • These shutters do not rust, tear or peel
  • Accordion shutters are easy to operate, compact, visually appealing and do not require additional storage space

At HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com, we understand how important your home or business is to you. That is why we provide the highest quality protection systems out there. If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina region give us a call us today at 888-474-3555 to receive a free quote – or visit our website HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com to use our online quoting tool. We look forward to serving your storm shutter needs in Charlotte, North Carolina!


Accordion Shutters for The Outer Banks of North Carolina


The Outer Banks of North Carolina has gone through its fair share of hurricanes and major storms. This beautiful coastline of barrier islands is famous for its pristine beaches and is a popular destination for tourists.


It’s also a popular destination for hurricanes.  Damage caused by tough weather, flying debris, and heavy rain can be devastating to home and business owners in the Outer Banks. Accordion shutters are a great option to protect against these elements. Nothing catches accordion shutters off guard. They’re strong, durable impact-resistant and ready to fend off the worst of storms. Residents living along the Outer Banks can find the best storm and hurricane protection at factory direct prices from HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com. This leading shutter website doesn’t just offer great prices on quality hurricane protection products, it also provides the peace of mind you’ll need to ride out a severe storm.


At HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com, you’ll find only the highest quality products made with the best materials needed to manufacture storm  shutters you can count on to protect your loved ones and property. Our shutters come in a variety of colors to blend beautifully with the exterior of your home or business. Accordion shutters are a cost-efficient way to protect your windows, doors, large openings, balcony, garage doors and patio from severe wind, rain and storm damage. Our Accordion shutters are made from high quality extruded aluminum slats that are designed to neatly open (like an accordion) for easy compact storage when not in use.

Key Features of Accordion Shutters

  • Can be stored on both ends of an opening or window to allow ease of use when operating
  • Covers a variety of openings like sliding glass doors, windows, balconies, or decks
  • Constructed with vertical slats to for maximum strength against flying debris and designed to deflect the direct impact of objects hitting the windows
  • Comes in many sizes and can also be custom ordered to fit any sized window or opening
  • Accordion Shutters Can Cover Any Sized Door Entry or Large Opening
  • Our shutters are easy to open and close
  • Store furniture, plants and all of your outdoor equipment inside your balcony enclosed with hurricane shutters
  • These shutters can open and close very fast in case a storm catches you off guard
  • Accordion shutters can be installed  along curved openings and entrances and are designed to fit anywhere
  • We have both inside and outside locking systems available
  • Can protect against forced entry while away from your home or business in the Outer Banks


Another benefit of accordion shutters for your home or business is something called balcony enclosures, which can add another usable room to your home or condo in the Outer Banks. Our shutters will insulate your home so you can turn a balcony into a bonus room that will accommodate air conditioning during the summer and the heat during the winter. This will allow you to leave your patio furniture out during a major storm or hurricane. Our Accordion Shutters have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the country and have been reviewed and accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code.


Learn more about our great selection of hurricane shutters for the Outer Banks by visiting our website HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com. We have a convenient online quoting tool on our website and many other shutter types you may want to consider such as: Rolling Hurricane Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Colonial Shutters, Aluminum and Clear Storms Panels, Hurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors.


If you live along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you will be one of the first to experience the effects of a major hurricane when it comes ashore in your area. Be prepared and call us today at 888-474-3555 for assistance in choosing the best hurricane shutters for your home or business in the Outer Banks.


Buy Factory Direct Accordion Shutters for your Home or Business and Save Money

You’ve seen all the photos and news reports of the devastation left behind in the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado. You’ve been thinking about getting shutters for a while and have finally decided that it’s time to protect your home or business from the catastrophic damage a severe storm can cause. However, you don’t know where to find the best deals on hurricane shutters or how to go about finding shutters to fit your vulnerable openings or odd-sized windows. With so many different brands and websites offering the best protection for your home, it’s difficult to determine which shutters are best for you. We can help! Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com truly ARE the best, and there are lots of reasons why you won’t want to shop for shutters anywhere else.


Accordionshutters.com offers accordion shutters that are affordable. With so many other expenses in your everyday life, hurricane shutters may feel like too heavy of a financial burden to purchase. That’s why our accordion shutters are worth considering.  Not only are they a great safety investment, they are also a good financial investment. Because we manufacture our own products, we are able to pass the savings along to our customers by offering the best prices online for accordion shutters for your home or commercial needs.

Store-bought shutters come in pre-cut sizes that may not be right for the area you wish to shield. With shutters from  accordionshutters.com, you don’t have to worry about not finding shutters in the dimensions you need because our shutters will be custom-built to fit the measurements you send us. Now, that may sound like a tedious process but don’t worry, your custom-sized accordion shutters are often manufactured in as little as three weeks!


The worst part about other types of hurricane shutters is that they look so unappealing on homes or businesses. Additionally, many are laborious to install or require storage space when not in use. That’s why accordionshutters.com offers built-to-last accordion shutters that won’t just protect your home or commercial property, but are aesthetically pleasing as well.  If, when you think of storm shutters, industrial metal colored shutters come to mind, you’ll be relieved to know that our accordion shutters are available in four popular colors: Ivory, White, Beige, or Bronze. All you have to do is choose the color that best complements your home or business and order your accordion shutters online.  It’s that easy! If you aren’t sure about which shutters are right for your needs, or how to measure your openings, just call us and our knowledgeable representatives will guide you through the process.


At accordionshutters.com, we stand behind all our products with our limited 5-year warranty, and we’re proud to offer our customers the highest level of hurricane security available at the most affordable prices. Our accordion shutters have been reviewed and approved to meet the Miami-Dade and Florida building codes as well as International building codes. Our shutters are manufactured using high-grade extruded aluminum which is why we are able to meet some of the toughest wind codes in the country. Whether you’re faced with a hurricane, strong winds, or even tornadoes, accordion shutters can secure your home in minutes and help protect your loved ones and property from the perilous whims of Mother Nature.


If you are someone that struggles in the mechanics department, you will be pleased to know that our accordion shutters are easy to operate. Because they have easy to glide wheels, they open and close with ease. The sturdy wheels are made of nylon which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.


Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com, a South Florida based company,  can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S or Internationally. To get a free shutter quote, visit our website at accordionshutters.com, or call 1-888-474-3555 to speak to our  representative. All accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com are custom built and professionally assembled. Go online today and get yours!

Accordionshutters.com Offers the Lowest Prices on Quality Shutters for Your Home or Business

Hurricane Shutters


When looking to protect your home or business from severe weather such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, strong winds, or even hail, you want to be sure you’re doing it right. With so many websites online offering shutters, it’s hard to be sure you’re really getting the ones that are the best option. That’s why I’m here to tell you about accordionshutters.com.


At accordionshutters.com, you will be pleased to find the lowest prices offered for quality shutters. Why spend more when you don’t have to? Built of heavy-duty Aluminum, these accordion shutters are made to withstand inclement weather for over 30 years. You won’t have to worry about buying new, quality accordion shutters every couple of years and will save money in the long-run.


Speaking of money, Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com are proven to raise the market value of your home or business. Making more money off your home or business simply by protecting it is an investment you don’t want to pass up.


What’s great about these is that they are accordion shutters with wheels. With easy to roll nylon wheels, you can efficiently open and close these accordion shutters without a lot of effort. Because they are made of nylon, you don’t have to worry about them getting rusted from rain and not closing properly. These wheels are great because they make these accordion shutters so convenient and easy to use for those of us who are less than coordinated.


Don’t think that they will have shutters that will cover the area you need covering? No need to worry, accordionshutters.com is able to build accordion shutters that are personalized to you. Given the dimensions of your area, you will get custom built shutters made customized to your specific shutter needs, so your windows, terrace, balcony, or even storefront is sure to be protected from the strong winds, rain and flying debris they may face when a storm blows through town. Your custom-made shutters can be made in as little as three weeks and will be shipped directly from our factory in South Florida.


Accordionshutters.com has accordion shutters that are strong and sturdy and reliable. Reviewed by the Miami-Dade County product sector, these accordion shutters are approved products and are accepted by Florida and International building codes. They also meet even the toughest wind codes in the world.


Accordionshutters.com has accordion shutters for every home or business. Whether you feel your home or business would look best with White shutters, Beige shutters, Ivory shutters, or even Bronze shutters, your customized shutters can be made to fit big and small openings. With four popular colors to choose from, you can be sure that your shutters will be made to best suit the appearance of your home or business.


When you have the dimensions of your areas you want shuttered, you can simply go online to accordionshutters.com and receive your free shutter quote, or you can call to speak to a representative at 1-(888)-474-3555 and receive a free shutter quote over the phone. Accordionshutters.com ships shutters to anywhere in the U.S or internationally. Call and go online today to get yours.


Shop Online at accordionshutters.com for the Lowest Prices on Accordion Shutters for Your Home or Business


Finding quality shutters that will meet all your home and business needs can be a daunting task. The thought of having to go into a store and look at shutters, without much personal knowledge on the shutters themselves, can be overwhelming. Shutters are a vital protection against destruction caused by storms and hurricanes, so you want to be sure you are getting the best ones. That’s why accordionshutters.com is right for you. At accordionshutters.com, you can shop for the perfect shutters for your home or business from the comfort of your home.


Accordionshutters.com offers the lowest online prices for accordion shutters. Accordion shutters have the potential to be extremely costly. Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com on the other hand, are extremely affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank while trying to protect your home and loved ones from a storm.


These are accordion shutters that are built to last. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, they are a reliable defense against even the strongest of hurricane winds, rain, hail, or even tornadoes. For those who have to evacuate their area before a storm hits, there is always the worry of intruders accessing your vacant home or business. The good news is that accordion shutters have a sturdy, tamper-proof lock that will provide you with some peace of mind when you have to leave your property unattended.


Worried about your shutters not fitting right because they are being ordered online? Don’t be! Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com are custom manufactured to fit the area you wish to enclose. All you need to do is find out the dimensions of the area you wish to have covered and your accordion shutters will be crafted to your specifications. The best part is your shutters will be completed in as little as three weeks, so there’s no worry that you won’t have them delivered in time! But don’t wait too long to order! Sooner is always better when it comes to hurricane preparation!


Not sure the accordion shutters will be a good fit for your house or business, or that it will make it look tacky? These accordion shutters come in four popular colors, so you can choose the color that best suits the appearance of your home or business. You can choose to order your accordion shutters in White, Beige, Ivory, or Bronze. Also, these accordion shutters are proven to increase the market value of your home while providing security and storm protection.


The biggest problem with hurricane shutters is they can be hard to assemble and use. Accordionshutters.com offers accordion shutters that are easy to use and fold away when they are not being used. With their nylon wheels, these shutters easily roll open and close, so you will have no trouble preparing your home before a storm strikes or closing them when they are no longer needed. Drive through any 55+ neighborhood and you will notice accordion shutters on most every house. That’s because they are easy to operate, even for the elderly.


When looking for accordion shutters for your home or business you’ll want to shop online, and you’ll want to shop at accordionshutters.com. For the lowest prices on accordion shutters and a free shutter quote, call 1-888-474-3555. Your customized accordion shutters can be started right away because we manufacture them ourselves, which cuts out the middleman saving you time and money! Check out our website and call today!


Find the Lowest Prices Online and Get a FREE Quote on Accordion Shutters for Your Home or Business

Plywood, tape, taking a chance with no window protection – before custom storm shutters were readily available, hurricane protection for homes and businesses used to be as unpredictable as the storms themselves. But wondering if your windows and doors will hold up during a hurricane can be a thing of the past, thanks to strong, impact-rated accordion shutters. These durable shutters, manufactured by Empire Construction & Development, are available to order at accordionshutters.com.


You can use accordion shutters to securely cover your windows, doors, patio area, and more. If you have a home or business that’s in an area where hurricanes strike, you need the best storm protection available. If high winds and other storms are common where you live, accordion shutters can be used to protect your windows and other building openings from breakage and flying debris. Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com are a popular choice for residential and commercial buildings throughout the US and all over the world.


Reliable Shutters

At accordion shutters.com, you’ll find storm and security shutters that are built to hold up in extreme conditions. Our accordion shutters are built of high-quality, heavy extruded aluminum and engineered to withstand high rates of impact. The design and durability of these shutters makes them a great choice for:

  • hurricane protection
  • tropical storm protection
  • protection against high winds
  • window, door, and storefront security

and more. Get reliable accordion shutters for your home, vacation home, or commercial building when you order accordion shutters online at accordionshutters.com.


The Lowest Prices Online

High-quality storm protection doesn’t have to mean high prices. Accordion shutters are one of the most cost-effective storm shutter options for homes and commercial buildings of all sizes. At accordionshutters.com, you’ll find accordion shutters for commercial and residential use at the lowest prices online. Get accordion shutters at low prices and keep your building safe from hurricanes and other storms, and break-ins, theft, and vandalism. When you buy the most affordable accordion hurricane shutters online at accordionshutters.com, you’ll add to your building’s safety and value.


FREE Quotes for All Accordion Shutter Orders

Find out how much it will cost to get aluminum accordion shutters for some or all of your windows and other building openings. Getting a price quote for affordable accordion shutters is easy — call: 1-888-474-3555 to speak to out helpful and friendly team about getting a free quote and ordering affordable accordion shutters online. We will provide you with a free quote on the cost of your shutters, including mounting hardware and an estimated cost of shipping. Get the storm protection and security you need with low-priced accordion shutters manufactured by Empire Construction & Development, available at accordionshutters.com.

Keep Your Home and Loved Ones Safe During a Storm with Accordion Shutters

Hurricanes and other powerful storms can create a lot of damage. Wind, water, and storm debris are a danger to your home. During a hurricane, wind speeds can easily reach over 100MPH. These high winds can turn outdoor objects into flying projectiles, which are a threat to your windows, glass doors, and other building openings. When a window or door breaks, the storm can enter your home, creating hazardous conditions for you and your loved ones. Protect against storm damage by getting strong, storm-rated accordion shutters for your home.


What are the best shutters for storm protection?

There are several good shutter options, and accordion shutters are one of the best all-around storm protection shutters. The best accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com can be used on most window and door sizes, and larger areas like patios and balconies. To find out if accordion shutters are the best storm shutter for your needs, call: 1-888-474-3555 to speak to our storm shutter experts. We can help you get the best hurricane and storm shutters for your home.


The accordion shutters you can order from accordionshutters.com are designed to look good on any home, and to work great every time they’re needed. A built-in track allows for hassle-free shutter operation – these shutters glide open and closed. A keyed lock on each accordion shutter lets you know they’re securely shut. And since they’re permanently installed on each window and door you need covered, preparing your home before a storm will be easier than ever.


What is a good price for accordion shutters?

Find out when you order affordable accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com. The cost of each accordion shutter from accordionshutters.com depends on the size of each window, door, or other opening. The accordion shutters on accordionshutters.com are available to homeowners at the lowest prices online. Call: 1-888-474-3555 to get a free quote for your accordion shutter order.


Where can I find out more?

The accordion storm shutters on accordionshutters.com are manufactured by Empire Construction & Development. As experts in storm protection, we help our customers get the shutters they need for their homes and other buildings. For questions about accordion shutter use, accordion shutter selection, measuring your windows and doors for accordion hurricane shutters, and to learn more about protecting your home with accordion storm shutters — and to get a price quote on our affordable accordion storm shutters — call: 1-888-474-3555. For more information on our accordion shutters, you can also visit our sister site: HurricaneShuttersFlorida.com.


When you’re riding out a storm in your home, your loved ones may be looking to you for protection, and you’ll be looking to your storm shutters to keep you and your family safe. Know that you have strong, reliable shutters on your home when your accordion shutters are from accordionshutters.com.


Don’t Spend More for Accordion Shutters! Accordionshutters.com has the Lowest Prices on Storm Protection for Your Home or Business!

So, you’ve decided to look into protecting your home from inclement weather, but you don’t know where to start. With so many different options, it’s hard to know where to get your shutters from, what shutters to get, and where to find the lowest prices for shutters online. That’s where accordionshutters.com has you covered. Accordionshutters.com offers the lowest prices on accordion shutters for your home or business!


Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com are great because of the way they are manufactured. Our accordion shutters are made with sturdy, heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum to protect windows and doors, but also for securing patios, balconies, terraces, and storefronts with large expanses. As an added defense, accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com lock securely to defend your home and business from even the toughest bouts of high winds or rain. The locks also serve as added protection from forcible entry, keeping you and your home or business safe from after-storm looting, and vandalism.


Accordionshutters.com is a convenient place to shop for quality shutters because they offer accordion shutters custom sized to fit any space. Because our shutters do not require any structural supports, they can be manufactured to fit just about any area you need protected. Call us with your exact dimensions for a FREE QUOTE and within as little as three weeks, you will have your accordion shutters made to fit your windows, doors or other vulnerable openings. This also means that you can order affordable accordion shutters for balconies storefronts and other expansive areas.  With shutters tailored to your openings, you won’t have to worry about your accordion shutters not fitting the areas you need them for!


Accordion shutters can be extremely costly. Because we are one of the largest, most technologically advanced manufacturers of accordion shutters, we are able to cut out the middleman and offer accordion shutters at the low prices online! Accordion shutters that are affordable and easy to use are exactly what your home needs. Built to last for over 30 years, these accordion shutters are a wise investment because not only are they affordable, they are built to last.


Accordion shutters that are easy to operate are both functional and practical. They have heavy-duty nylon wheels that won’t rust and that allow the shutters to roll open or closed so that you can get your home or business storm-ready in no time at all. Even the least coordinated of people can operate these shutters with ease!


Another great feature of these accordion shutters is that they are not only practical for severe weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, or hail, but they also provide added insulation to your home! Whether you want to have your home or business cooler in the winter or warmer in the summer, accordion shutters can significantly insulate the interior area when closed, saving on heating and cooling costs.


To purchase quality accordion shutters for your home or business, visit our website at accordionshutters.com, or call 1-888-474-3555. Get your FREE shutters quote today!


Find the Lowest Online Prices on Accordion Storm Shutters for Your Home or Business

Deciding on where to find your hurricane shutters can be overwhelming. The internet is filled with hundreds of websites that sell storm shutters, but which one is the right website? Accordionshutters.com is the website you are looking for to find the perfect accordion shutters that check off all the boxes on your hurricane shutters requirement list.


Accordion shutters from accordionshutters.com are the right choice for your home or business because they are:


  • Built to lastaccordion shutters that are built to last save you money for years to come. Made from heavy gauge aluminum. You won’t have to worry about buying new shutters every couple of years. In fact, accordion shutters from com are made to last over 30 years.


  • Reliablecom being a leader of factory-direct shutters on the internet should give you an idea of the reliability of the product. They are also a Better Business Bureau accredited business. Most important of all, these accordion shutters have been approved Miami-Dade County under their strict product control division and have been proven to be able to withstand even the toughest wind codes in the nation.


  • Tailored for you– Our accordion shutters are custom made to fit any area. After you provide us with the dimensions of the area you want to shutter, whether that be a terrace, front windows, or your glass doors, com will custom build your shutters to fit those areas.
  • Convenient– a great feature of these shutters is that they have wheels. This makes them easy to open and close at a moment’s notice. Because there are no support braces, these accordion shutters can be easily tucked away when they are not needed, and with no hassle.


  • Attractive– say goodbye to tacky aluminum/silver colored shutters that make people less eager to shutter up their homes. Our best-selling accordion shutters are available in four attractive colors, so you can find the one that is best suited for your home or business. The colors offered are: White, Ivory, Bronze, and Beige.


Our team of shutter experts at Accordionshutters.com will work with you to make sure you are covered for any storm, intruder, or catastrophe that can potentially come your way. Our accordion shutters have a sturdy exterior lock that provides an additional defense from inclement weather or looters.


With so many great qualities, you must think that accordion shutters will cost you an arm and a leg. Fear not! Our shutters are surprisingly affordable. When you visit our website, you will find  accordion shutters at the lowest prices on the internet. Our shutters won’t leave a huge dent in your bank account!


Visit our website at accordionshutters.com or call: 1-888-474-3555 to receive a FREE shutter quote. Hurricane season comes around every year. Will you be ready for Mother Nature when she arrives!